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Taekwondo equipment – for combat, practice and exercise

Taekwondo is a martial art popular all over the world. Its distinguishing feature is a large number of kicks, including jump kicks. If you want to start training, you should get good quality Taekwondo equipment offered by our online store. Among other things, you will find TKD wear branded mouthguards in several different colors. This type of Taekwondo equipment is made of high-quality plastic, durable, free of harmful substances - latex or BPA, EVA plastic. Comfortable shape positively affects the comfort of use. 100% product safety is guaranteed by the CE certificate and compliance with BSI DD 253: 2001. The mouthguards fit very well to the shape of the jaw and are easy to clean. Sold in a set with a practical packaging that effectively protects against dirt and damage.

Exercise equipment

In our store you can also buy equipment for martial arts , which is a helmet. It is made of flexible, compact foam that accumulates damage very well. The helmet fits snugly around the head and is very light, which allows for a quick response. Noteworthy here is also the anti-slip layer and strong straps that keep it in the right place. The helmet works very well even during very intense sparring or impact training. It has a CE certificate and meets all the requirements of European standards. No person who trains Taekwondo can do without combat Taekwondo equipment , which are foot protectors made of the highest quality leather material. They fit tightly to the feet, allowing you to move comfortably and make very quick movements. If you want to practice Taekwondo, you'll also need gloves with high-density foam coatings to protect your hands effectively. Their inner part ensures a safe, comfortable grip. A strong luggage bag, on the other hand, guarantees full support of the wrist.