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Taekwondo is a martial art that has a faithful group of sympathizers. If you are determined to increase your strength and endurance, dream about returning to regular training or preparing for sparring, you must necessarily wear the right gloves. You will need professional martial arts gloves that assure safety and will make sure you are effective. Meet the highest quality taekwondo gloves available in TKD wear offer.

Advantages of professional Taekwondo gloves

Choosing the right equipment for training is very important. As martial arts specialists, we know it very well, which is why we have prepared for you top-class gloves, extremely comfortable and ideally suited to your hand:

  • Thanks to the special high-density foam, taekwondo gloves perfectly absorb strikes and provide adequate grip. It is worth mentioning that the lack of a cover and incorrect technique can cause serious injuries to the hands, our Taekwondo sparring gear will reduce the risk;;
  • The gloves fully cover the fingers and the wide, solid velcro keeps them in the right position;
  • The bandage secures and stabilizes the wrist, thanks to which you will avoid unpleasant injuries.

Thanks to the combination of all the above-mentioned elements, each training in professional taekwondo gloves is not only pleasant, but above all safe for you and your sparring partners.

Train Taekwondo as a champion

Our ITF taekwondo gloves will not slip off during training, will secure your fingers and wrist well during sparring and will not rub your skin. They are perfect for both competitions and training. They meet the ITF requirements, which proves the high quality of our products. So you can train safely and professionally while fully enjoying the sparring. All you need to do is choose the right size and you can exercise without the risk of injury. In this category of gloves you will find models such as Revolution Design (dedicated to children) in red or Mightyfist leather gloves.