Dear Masters, Coaches, Instructors, we would like to announce an offer to supply your club with dedicated clothing for Taekwon-do fighters and supporters.


         We are a newly-established brand that focuses on producing high quality Taekwon-do clothing. We want to design our clothes for extraordinary people who, just like us, value above and beyond: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.

          Our first and basic goal is to have the highest quality Taekwon-do products - in terms of material, graphics, printings and finishings. We pay attention the the smallest detail. We do all this to make our customers feel special and comfortable in our clothing.

We offer cooperation in the following variants:

  • Wholesale of our products

          Contact us directly to place a larger order, optimize costs and transport time. Beneficial sales model for instructors/masters

  • Selling personalized products

          We can add the club's logo, desired graphics, text, supplement or embroider the name / initials of a given person to the existing t-shirt designs

  • Manufacturing products with dedicated graphics

          We also offer assistance in creating t-shirts dedicated to your club or for a camp, conference, tournament or event that you organize. Also any graphics o Taekwon-do suits. We help in creating graphics and we add our heart and experience to create extraordinary quality clothes

If you have any questions or you would like to start cooperation, please contact us at:

mobile: (+48) 601-576-661

Our products are excellent to wear together with Taekwon-do dobok. For sure you will find a shirt that would fit to your doboks !