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Taekwon-do gadgets and accessories

Here you will find all kinds of Taekwondo gadgets and Taekwondo accessories for our clothing range and decorations for your dojang ! Including:
High-quality Taekwon-Do posters, Taekwondo shakers, Taekwondo breaking boards or a training bag that fits you perfectly

We also offer great Taekwondo banners of even larger sizes. Taekwon-Do banners also have round metal fittings for easy hanging!

The rich assortment of our TKD Wear online store includes not only combat equipment, such as helmets, gloves and pads. There are also various types of Taekwondo accessories . It's a great way to share your passion for this martial art with the world. Taekwondo accessories are also a very good gift idea for every Korean martial art lover. What kind of products fall into this category? This includes a chimney, neck warmer - a very practical gadget that is perfect for cold, windy days. It can cover both the neck and face. It was made of high-quality, durable, flexible, breathable material, with attention to every, even the smallest detail.

Other Taekwondo accessories

To easily accommodate the necessary training equipment, it is worth getting a practical sports bag with a capacity of 50 liters. It was made of an extremely durable material called Cordura, commonly used in hunting and the military. It is a very durable material that works perfectly in all conditions. The dimensions of the bag are 55 x 33 x 28 cm. It has a lot of internal and external pockets where you can hide various Taekwondo accessories , such as a dobok, gloves, helmet, foot protector, towel and a water bottle – all that fits inside!

Taekwon-do shaker, water bootleShaker do Taekwondo

Another product worth recommending from our offer is a shaker, in which you can prepare a protein supplement or a cocktail in just a few moments. It was made of high-quality, safe BPA-free material. Its capacity is 600 ml. The shaker has a practical net that breaks lumps. It is 100% tight, so you can put it in a bag or backpack without fear. The shaker also comes with a convenient drinking mouthpiece. It is very easy to keep clean. In our TKD Wear online store you will also find practical strength test boards, perfect for training.