About us

TKD wear brand was established on 11th April 2018 – the day on which Taekwon-do was born. We design our wear (Taekwon-do doboks , Taekwon-do shirtsTaekwon-do bannerTaekwon-do equipment) for extraordinary people who similarly to us value above and beyond: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.

TKD wear is an alternative to low quality clothing. Using finest quality materials, designing with passion and paying attention to the smallest detail is a unique combination which distinguishes us on the Taekwon-do market.

Being aware of yours everyday struggle, striving for perfection and pouring hectoliters of sweat at dojang. We strongly believe that our Taekwon-do wear will make you fell comfortable what drives to overcoming obstacles easier and being better with each single day.