Rebreakable Board - Power test ITF APPROVED (Normal)

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Re-breakable plastic breaking board - Power test ITF approved - Strength: Normal  

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Power breaking boards are form of very precise target practice. It requires full focus from Taekwondo'er on a specific point, to be able to strike it with a full power. Missing the ideal point or using not enough power can be painful and lead to injury - that's why perfecting power breaking technique is very important.

Our breaking boards are used commonly in different martial arts around the globe. Additionally, those are the preferred power breaking boards by International Taekwon-do Federation and used during Taekwondo World, Euro cups and championships, that"s because those boards are consistent, durable and cost effective and moreover have multiple advantages:

  • Solid Plastic Breaker Board - White - Break Strength 50 (Normal)

  • Consistent force needed to break the board after more than 100 breaks (rigorous testing made)

  • Can be stacked in a standard holder

  • Once broken, just slide them together and they are ready for next use

  • Made out of durable engineering polymer with special design (rounded corners, radius edges to reduce damage to forearms, feet and floor)

  • ITF approved power breaking board

Dimensions: 282 mm x 282 mm x 20 mm

Weight 1750g

4 High Quality Boards

Our breaking boards are available in various break strengths.

We have extensively tested the boards and even with over 100 breaks the boards show very little variance in resistance. Making them the first choice for competitive breaking!

Natural with foam - Break Strength 25 - Junior or for use in tie break situations

Natural - Break Strength 25 - Junior or for use in tie break situations

White - Break Strength 50 - our most popular board and used in ITF competitions

Black - Break Strength 80 - The toughest board to break, only for the very experienced martial artist.

Once broken, just slide the two halves back together

Moreover, the breaker boards have rounded corners and radius edges. Manufactured from an engineering polymer the boards are extremely durable and can be easily slide back together to be broken over and over again without lost of resistance.

Excel power breaking skills with us!



My favourite power breaking xD I guess the same are used in ITF tournaments ?

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    Rebreakable Board - Power test ITF APPROVED (Normal)

    Rebreakable Board - Power test ITF APPROVED (Normal)