Black belt with embroidery

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Black belt Taekwon-do ITF with embroidery - fully personalized

Best quality Taekwon-do black belts on the market available in our store! The rule is that black belt in Taekwondo should go only once around your waist. This is a sign that:

  • Ohdoilkwan - You are focused on chasing only one, strictly determined goal

  • Llpyondanshim - You are dedicated and fully loyal to only one master

  • Llkyokpilsung - You are able to strike and win with only one precise hit

Why those are the best personalized Taekwondo black belts?

    • Finest materials used

    • We make the full personalized Taekwondo ITF black belt from scratch, so you don't see any signs of embroidery on a left side (Isn't it awesome?)

    • Our Taekwondo black belts are 100% ITF approved

How to properly order?

    1. Choose the size of a belt

    2. Choose what should be embroidered on side A and type it in comments of the order (exactly as it should appear on the belt) and select the grade required

    3. Choose the embroidery design on side B (there is option to choose ITF approved)

We can also perform more custom embroidery designs - just contact us!

As this product is manufactured on demand and fully personalized, the order time is a bit longer. Usually it takes 1 week to do the shipment, but please be aware that it may also take up to 3 weeks in case there are unforeseen delays or public holidays in Poland

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Impressed with quality, very good contact and perfect quality. I recommend!


    Mój wymarzony czarny pas.

    Po 26 latach czekania w końcu zdałem na mój wymarzony I Dan. Pas oczywiście zamówiłem w TKD Wear. To już któryś z kolei produkt od TKD Wear i jak zawsze produkt I klasa. Dziękuję.
    Na pewno wrócę tu na zakupy ponownie.



      Thank you TKD for this great stuff



        Liebe es!



          Kupiłem dobok mistrzowski też tutaj i ten pas z haftem prezentuje sie ekstra



            Wzialem dobok black belt z tym dedykwoanym pasem, zadowolony jestem pozdrawiam

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              Black belt with embroidery

              Black belt with embroidery