Taekwon-do ITF Black Belt (Clean)

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Taekwon-do Black Belt by TKD wear

Official ITF logo - black belt

Taekwon-do black belts produced by TKD wear are one of the best on the market and available for you! The main rule is that belt in Taekwondo should go only once around your waist. This is a sign that:

  • Ohdoilkwan - You are focused on chasing only one, strictly determined goal

  • Llpyondanshim - You are dedicated and fully loyal to only one master

  • Llkyokpilsung - You are able to strike and win with only one precise hit

Why those are the best Taekwondo black belts?

  • Finest materials used

  • Nice finishings, without "ugly" left side embroidery designs (Isn't it awesome?

  • Durable for multiple washings

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Taekwon-do ITF Black Belt (Clean)

Taekwon-do ITF Black Belt (Clean)